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Functions of S.A.D.(Records)

The Record Section is responsible for safe custody of all closed files received from various Secretariat Departments and for supply them on receipt of requisition, to the Departments for referencing.

The files received from various Departments are classified in three categories i.e. Record 'A', 'B' and 'C'

1. Record A—To be preserved permanently in the Record Room.

2. Record B—To be preserved for the period of 12 years.

3. Record C—To be preserved for a period of 5 years only.

The list of files for categories i.e. Record 'B' and Record 'C' are to be destroyed after the specific period are completed. Before destroying them we have first to inform the Departments concerned for final destruction of the files.

Besides the Department also grants permission to Research Scholar to consult Record Room.