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S.A.D.(Accounts) - Functions & Objectives

(1) Preparation of Bills and Disbursement of expenditures relating to:-

(a) Pay/Salary of all Secretariat (Civil) Staff including some establishment of Boards & Committees, Chairman. Vice/Deputy Chairman/ Parliamentary Secretaries. (b) House rent, Electricity Bills of Ministers, Ministers of State, Parliamentary Secretaries, Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen etc. (c) Medical Bills, Honorarium Bills of Ministers etc and also for both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff. (d) House Building Advances, G.P.F., Scooter/Motor Cars and Festival Advance of Officers & Staff. (e) All Contingency Bills including Telephone rents and Bills relating to Purchase and maintenance of Vehicles ; Fax Machines; Xerox Machines, Cyclostyle machines, Light refreshment, office furniture and stationery etc. (f) T.A.bills of Ministers etc Officers and Non-Gazetted staff and members of Boards/Committee. (g) Discretionary Grants placed at the disposal of Ministers and Ministers of State. (h) L.T.C. of Ministers etc and Officers.

(2) Income Tax and Professional Tax Returns of all Officers and Staff assessable including Income Tax calculation thereof.

(3) Matters relating to Audit Objection and Public Accounts Committee’s references.

(4) Verification of Accounts for reconciliation of Appropriation accounts and preparation of explanation for verification of expenditures under budgetary grants for presentation before the Public Accounts Committee.

(5) Preparation of Budget estimates and control over expenditure under its control.