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S.A.D.(Nazarat) - Functions & Objectives

Secretariat Administration Department (Nazarat) is a servicing Department which provides the support services for all the Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Chairmen, Co-Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Deputy Chairmen, Officers and Staff of all Departments in the Secretariat to function effectively. It deals with the following:-

1. Service matters relating to appointment of Grade IV Employees of the Meghalaya (Civil) Secretariat like appointment, posting, transfer, promotion, maintenance of service books, ACRs, G.P.F., Pension, medical, N.O.C. for loans and also appointment on compassionate ground. It also deals with appointment of Grade IV (C.Es.) for Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Chairmen, Co-Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Deputy Chairmen and Senior Officers of the Govt. of Meghalaya.

2. Maintenance and cleanliness of the Secretariat Buildings including gardens, rooms, etc.

3. Proper arrangement for reservation of Secretariat Conference Room/Committee Rooms such as P.A. system etc. and supply of light refreshment/lunch in various meetings & conferences held from time to time.

4. Matters relating to observation of National functions.

5. Office Accommodation in the Secretariat Buildings to Ministers, Chairmen, Co-Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Deputy Chairmen, Officers and different Departments.

6. Appointment of Contractors/Suppliers for all office requirements and finalization of rates through the Departmental Purchase Board with the object of ensuring fair and reasonable rates not to cause loss to the Government.

7. Heating arrangement during winter season.

8. Purchase of stationery & miscellaneous articles, furniture, carpets, clock, etc., passing of bills and maintenance of Stock Books Registers for purchase of Articles.

9. Taking deliveries of parcels and goods of Secretariat Departments.